Because we love our dogs enough without worrying about them too!

Boutique Pet Retreat is a luxury holiday house for pet dogs. We offer high end care. We are unique in the pet care industry because we offer specialised and personal attention for your pet dog. We base our day to day care of your dog on their individual needs, not bulk numbers. Our operations focus on ensuring your dog has a fun-filled holiday in a calm and tranquil environment. We achieve this through all day free range activity, cage free accommodation and lots of personal interactions with our team members. Great care is taken to match your favourite four legged family member with similar personalities, again, ensuring a happy and stress free holiday for your dog.

Why do we place so much importance on the wellbeing of your dog? Because we believe they are an integral and loved member of your family unit. So to be placed in a traditional kennel is too much of a 'culture shock' for them. Being left in a cold, unfamiliar caged run is too unsettling for them. They deserve more. So we have created an environment that is as similar to their current lifestyle as possible. We also think it's important to put your mind at ease while you're on holiday. You'll be able to enjoy your holiday knowing they are in the best care!

Because we love our dogs enough without worrying about them too.

Other than cosy, home style accommodation, we provide gourmet meals, high grade kibble (or specific dietary requirements), 24/7 care, basic training follow-through, large secure play yards plus 2 sparkling swimming holes, and of course lots of TLC!

We have been caring for Sydney's dogs for over 8 years now. Once they holiday with us, they always come back for more! There's no place they'd rather be!

Other than the above, we differ from regular boarding facilities because:

- our operations are not based on bulk business.

- we provide comfy, home-style care and accommodation

- we offer all day free range fun and games

- there is a carer on site over night

- simply, we are not a kennel, but literally a holiday house for your  favourite four legged family member

- the dogs sleep inside a specially designed cabana on a bed (or couch!) of their choice

- medications and special meals can be supplied at no extra cost

- receive regular text message and Facebook updates so you can stay up to date with their adventures

SERVICES - Long term holiday care, airport transfers, training, grooming, alternate therapy solutions and vet visits

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